Spaces Availabe! Ages: 0 months to 12 years

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About Us

Our Philisophy

At our childcare program, we aim to provide high quality childcare in a fun safe environment filled with play based creative learning experiences and recreational activities based upon children’s interest. We believe children should come first and therefore, they are the central focus of our childcare program.

Our program offers a range of play based learning experiences that encourages the children’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual, creative, language and cognitive development. The program will put emphasis on the development of building children’s self-confidence, communication and conflict resolution skills.  Our role as educators is to actively listen, observe, and document children’s learning to expand on their individual needs and interests. We will provide them with developmentally appropriate experiences to enhance their growth and sense of discovery.

We believe a child’s developmental needs are best promoted and nurtured when children are encouraged to play, ask questions, and explore in an environment where trust, respect and positive regard are emphasized. We respect the dignity and integrity of each child and emphasize respect for all children, regardless of race, religion, gender, national origin and special needs.